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Wedding Raves


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“Tanya and Carissa worked flawlessly together and were able to capture all of the little moments that made our wedding day unforgettable… As a bride, there are so many details you plan for and than are not able to witness first hand on the day of the wedding. I was so thankful Tanya and Carissa were able to capture all those little moments so beautifully. They are memories I will treasure for years to come. I cannot thank you both enough for making the best day of our life to date. Any bride and groom would be lucky to have you as photographers.” – Tara Adducci


“I just got finished looking at the pictures and there are no words to describe my emotions. I laughed, I cried. I’m so incredibly happy. You both did such a beautiful job. You captured each moment so perfectly. I love every single shot. There are a few shots that made me so happy that I can’t even describe it. There were things that I was so sad to have lost – like the fortune from my friend’s fortune cookie that sadly got thrown away before I could keep it. And somehow you got a picture of it. And there were moments (like Brandon taking the thrown bouquet away from his daughter) that were captured so perfectly that it makes my heart smile. I really can’t thank you enough. You are both so incredibly talented. Thank you for capturing our day in even more beautiful ways than I remember. If you ever need referrals, please let me know. Anyone would be lucky to have you capture their special day! We loved everything about you both – your kindness, attention to detail, and your amazing “eye” for capturing beautiful photos. We never even noticed you were there. And I mean that in a good way. I have been to many events where I continually notice the photographers getting in the way. But you both just seemed to fold into our family and friends in such a lovely way. We would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a photographer.” – JenHolly Anderson-Graddick


“I cannot begin to say how much I appreciated having Tanya and Carissa handling the photography on our wedding day. Not only did they pay close attention to capturing all of the shots we requested (and many more creative ones we couldn’t have thought of ourselves!) but they also gave us a great sense of calm due to their high degree of professionalism throughout the entire day. In fact, after our wedding multiple guests commented on how great our photographers were and how they were very discrete while taking photos during the ceremony. We also found that having two photographers was extremely convenient for our day. For example, after the ceremony we took the wedding party to a restaurant before heading to the reception. Tanya and Carissa graciously coordinated between themselves to ensure that both the restaurant and the reception venue were covered and they captured great photos of both locations! We also appreciated that Tanya and Carissa took the time to make us feel confident while taking our photos by adjusting our poses/spacing to ensure that we were getting the best photo each time. This was especially appreciated during the large formal family portraits! As a bride I really enjoyed having two women taking our photos – having these ladies there really did make the photography process very fun and comfortable for everyone. We are so happy to have the photos from our wedding day and we look at them all the time. We couldn’t recommend CTW Photography more to anyone who is getting married! They absolutely went above and beyond for us and we couldn’t be happier.” – Taylor Campbell


“My wedding was back in June 2013 and I must say the one thing that allows me to relive that day are the pictures that were taken. CTW Photography captured so many important and memorable moments that day. I had so many pictures to choose from and with the ability to purchase rights to the pictures, I also own a CD with all of the pictures to do with whatever I choose 🙂 

The day of the wedding Carissa and Tanya were there from the time I got my hair and makeup done through the first dance and toasts. Although they were there every step of the day, they were never distracting or taking away any attention. They were very professional and organized- which is VERY important on your wedding day! I would highly recommend CTW Photography. I can’t imagine my pictures turning out any better than they did and I loved working wtih Carissa and Tanya. It was so nice to have two photographers on that very special day. 

P.S. My sister is getting married next year and has also booked them :)” Dani Schulte


“Carissa and Tanya were amazing! I loved having two photographers to capture every second of my special day and having it seen at two different angles. They made sure that we had every shot that we wanted, plus even more! We had some very unique shots and less of the traditional wedding shots which turned out beautiful. They took care of everything and made my stress less as a bride. Definitely recommend them to any bride to be!” – Lisa Lake


“CTW did a great job on my daughter’s wedding photos! They took photos of the girls getting hair done capturing great expressions and detail–hardly knew they were there. The outside photos were exceptional! They managed to find several unique backgrounds that totally complemented each pose. The “traditional” church photos were great as well. They were very patient and clever with the”3 little people”, ranging in age from 2-5 in the wedding party. We even got done with inside photos early and at their encouragement, went back outside–and so glad we did! Some of those photos are the favorites! They took photos during the ceremony-catching emotional reactions, loving glances, and even a few chuckles–again, not even aware they were there. When we share the wedding photos with friends and family, the comment that is echoed over and over is “how are you ever going to choose?”. I could go on and on. We were totally pleased with their services and would not hesitate to use them again or refer them to family and friends.” – Dani’s Mom


“CTW Photography was creative, ambitious, fair priced and GREAT to work with! There was one point in the night when I told them my wife and I would meet them outside for a picture…20 min went by getting bombarded by guests when we realized we forgot about the outside picture! We ran outside as fast as we could and they were out there set up waiting patiently with understanding smiles on their faces. They had a quick turn around to edit the pictures and offered sneak peeks! I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a stress free, fun loving, unforgettable night.” – Mike Mettenburg


“CTW Photography was awesome. Carissa is creative and patient. She worked well with young children who weren’t interested in “posing” in the traditional formal portraits. The engagement pictures included the unique and fun and captured the bride and groom’s happy moment. The wedding pictures were beautiful. It was so hard to pick favorites-they all were.” – Evan’s Mom


Boudoir Session Raves

“Carissa and Tanya were amazing to work with during my boudoir photo shoot! I was nervous coming into it and they made me feel completely at ease. The set up at Hotel Vetro was comfortable and classy. They were extremely easy to work with, out going, and made me feel great about myself. The pictures are amazing, talk about a self esteem booster! I can’t wait to give them to my fiance!”

“I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot and spent plenty of time putting it off, but when I met Tanya and Carissa it was easy to let go of all the excuses and finally put it on the calendar.  They are kind, passionate professionals who made a potentially awkward experience into a fun and carefree afternoon.   It’s easy for this type of photo shoot to be raunchy or unflattering, but Tanya and Carissa were careful to set up shots that were sexy, fun, and accentuated my best features.  Tanya’s artistic eye, attention to detail, and helpful directing (oh, and a mimosa) made me feel at ease, and helped turn out photos that exceeded my expectations.  Thank you, Tanya and Carissa–and my husband thanks you, too!

“My boudoir session with Carissa and Tanya was so much fun! I was nervous before starting but they made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I had never done anything like this before so it was great that they told me how to pose and had me move to make the picture look even better. I loved every picture they took and  it was so hard choosing pictures to use! I would absolutely recommend this kind of session to anyone interested.”

“I did a boudoir shoot with Carissa and Tanya as a present for my fiancé (now my husband). I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but these two made it so much fun! Emily did my hair and makeup perfectly– making me look my best without looking caked on or unrecognizable, and the picture session was a blast. Carissa and Tanya were talkative the whole time, laughing and joking around with me so it never felt weird or uncomfortable. It was like getting the star treatment! If you are thinking of doing this– whether for yourself or a significant other– DO IT! The day was fun and the resulting pictures are incredible!”

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