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I remember chatting with Emily on the phone for the first time…it was just before their trip to Costa Rica (yes, the same trip Mario’s brother and Best Man referenced in his speech). She was sweet, bubbly and I could hear the swoon in her voice when she talked about her then fiance. Fast forward, we’re with them on the big day…I’m telling you, these two are possibly one of the sweetest, smiliest couples I have ever met. Their first look and gift exchange? Equally sweet. Equally smiley. And hey, we can’t forget the appearance of a) what turned out to be bird poop on the Groom’s neck (yes, actual, I-couldn’t-even-make-this-up-if-I-tried, bird poop) and b) a bug on Mario’s lip that Emily couldn’t help but point and laugh about! The fact that all of us were practically besides ourselves laughing – and even better, the fact that Mario talked about it during his speech at the reception – should be all the indication you need of how amazing these two are and how much fun we had hanging out with them on their wedding day. But, I’ll go on…not because I need to, but because I just *have* to tell you a little bit more. Like how they opened a bottle of champagne at their engagement session and then turn around and did it again on their wedding day. Or how there is a sports rivalry between the two families – all of which was open for display during the reception thanks to a sneaky visit from the Hawkeye’s mascot, Herky, himself! But mostly…it was Emily and Mario, the new Mr. and Mrs. Minnaert. Those two. Their families. Their love. That’s what stands out. So here’s to them! Congratulations, you two, and enjoy these highlights images.



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What an amazing start to our 2017 wedding season! Next up on the blog is another amazing Iowa City area wedding, complete with one of my favorite wedding color palettes…blush and gold…and some of the prettiest details I’ve ever laid eyes on (seriously, check out those flowers! and the coasters! and Ellyn’s gift to her “Bride Tribe”!) But more than that, the day was amazing because of the people. Sure, we knew Ellyn and Alex would be great – we’ve gotten to know them over the past year and a half or so! But it wasn’t just them…it was their family and their friends. So Ellyn & Alex – shoutout to your “crew”…everyone was just so phenomenal in every way.

I could go on and on…but I won’t. Because let’s be real, no one wants to listen to me gush. I think it’s time to let the pictures do the talking…

Photography: CTW Photography, Carissa & Tanya (and Amy)
Video: Video Center Media
Florist: Hy-Vee Floral
Venue: Iowa Old Capitol Museum and the University of Iowa Athletic Club
DJ: Unique Events

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