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Tom Roeder | Guinness World Record Swing Dancer

My cousin, Tom Roeder, and his four dance partners (Emma Rohn, Rachel Ruplinger, Sadie Ellsworth, and Marissa Young) reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the most Swing Dance Flips in one minute. In 2004 Tom set the record with 17 flips in one minute, this record was beat in 2011 by a man in India. On Friday, May 5th at the University of Iowa Hall of Fame Tom reclaimed this record with 40 flips in one minute (actually 58 seconds!). This was such an amazing and exciting event to witness. You can click here to watch the Live Facebook Video.

Tom and the girls are hoping to make it onto the Ellen show! Tom would like to promote his campaign “Dance for Alzheimer’s”, Flip Ellen and then try to break their new record on her show! If you would like to make a submission to Ellen to help them get on the show, the link is here.

  • May 18, 2017 - 12:53 am

    Thomas Roeder - This was such an incredible night. Sadie, Rachel, Emma and Marissa were fantastic dance partners and the location for the event was perfect. The Iowa Athletic Hall of Fame museum, with Iowa Cheerleaders as dance partners, plus family and friends cheering us on. All to the classic song “Rock Around the Clock”. Great photos by CTW Photography to commemorate the evening. Thank you everyone for all your support and enthusiasm!ReplyCancel