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A Peek into my Cupboard

For the last three years my “day job” has been at AKAR Gallery, which is a ceramics gallery in downtown Iowa City. I am the gallery’s product photographer, taking pictures of all the ceramics that come to the gallery for our online monthly shows. While working with ceramics I’ve grown an appreciation for the art and have begun collecting. Most of these pieces are from AKAR’s shows, some were purchased directly from the artists, and a few of these were given to me as gifts. This isn’t my entire collection, but it’s close.

ceramics1ceramics2ceramics3ceramics4ceramics5ceramics6The last two pieces here are the odd ones out. I discovered this artist, Brett Kern, about 2 years ago. The piece on the left is my most recent purchase, which was a birthday gift for my husband. Mike is obsessed with the Hulk, literally has hundreds of Hulk action figures, so I couldn’t not get it! And the one on the right was a Christmas present to myself… if you read my About page, I mentioned that I have a thing for dinosaurs…. so I flipped out when I saw Brett’s dinosaur ceramics. (If you look closely, you’ll also see a dinosaur cup near the top.)ceramics7